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Sell your vehicle with Vintage Race Car Sales

Many of the amazing vehicles that you will find on our website are actually part of our competitive vehicle consignment program.

Vintage Race Car Sales will handle the entire sales process from start to finish – that includes negotiations, shipping arrangements, paperwork, and advertising.

Unlike our competition, Vintage Race Car Sales ensures that the advertising of your vehicle will be a continual process, rather than a one-time-only deal. We use our website, multiple forms of social media, and our newsletter to get the word out and get your vehicle seen by the masses.

But Vintage Race Car Sales is more than just advertising: our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of some of our optional services, such as vehicle reconditioning and vehicle storage.

What kind of vehicles are accepted?

We accept vintage and contemporary race cars and sports cars into our consignment program.

Take a glance through our available cars and our sold cars to see the kind of vehicles we frequently deal with.

How much does it cost?

Consignors must pay Vintage Race Car Sales a small set-up fee before their vehicle can be featured on our website and beyond. This fee covers the inclusion of your vehicle on our website, the handling of inquiries from potential buyers, photo editing (if necessary) and advertising.

This charge will be credited back to you when your vehicle sells. Vintage Race Car Sales will then collect a percentage of the sale for commission. That percentage is determined by the value of the car and is outlined in our consignment contract prior to the sale.

If your vehicle does not sell by the end of your contract period, we are more than happy to continue advertising the vehicle for you at no further charge.

Contact us to begin selling your vehicle today!

If you are unsure about whether your vehicle will qualify for our program, or if you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help.