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Converted into a hot rod in the 1940s.

The car originally passed hands within the Modesto Century Toppers hot rod club, with Lew Thompson being the one who inititally acquired it. It was later owned by fellow club member Pete Hischier, who got Gene Winfield to perform custom work on the Ford. The car was then featured in the April 1964 edition of Hot Rod magazine, and would subsequently be featured in several other magazines.

Hischier kept the hot rod and featured it in various shows until the early 1970s, when he traded it for a Corvette belonging to Robert Whitehead.

Whitehead kept and maintained the car for some time, but in 2003 he sold the car to a consignor, who in turn returned the car to none other than Gene Winfield himself for maintenance.

Under Winfield’s care, the car received new paint, a few body modifications, and a new interior just as it was in 1964. The car was then sent back to Northern California, where the consignor removed the motor and brought it to Don Ferguson in Wilmington, CA for a complete rebuild. The motor was tested at 310 HP on the dyno and was put back into the car.

The wiring was completely redone using period correct fabric covered wire, and the fuel lines were completely redone in brass. Some of the car’s instrumentations were replaced with NOS curved glass “moon” tall arrow indicators, which were correct in the 40s and 50s. All instruments work, as well as the lights and turn signals. The suspension was tuned.

All remaining components are original and have been cleaned, not replaced.

The underside of the car was chromed back in 1964, and today it retains all of that work, which hasn’t been redone, just cleaned. That being, there is some rust here and there on the underside, but it still holds its value as it’s original.

The original Auburn dashboard is in the car, as is the stainless steel firewall installed by Winfield (along with his custom work).

Receipts are included with the car, as well as the original magazines that the car was featured in (including the April 1964 edition of Hot Rod). The car also comes with the book The Legendary Custom Cars and Hot Rods of Gene Winfield, where this specific car is shown on page 39. The book is autographed by both Gene Winfield and Pete Hischier (both of whom are still living and can attest to the authenticity of the car).


Number: CALKA 1251


  • Type: Ford flat head
  • Rebuilt by Dan Ferguson (2009-2010)


  • Ford 3 speed
  • Manual transmission


Last rebuilt 3 years ago


  • Original Fords
  • Rebuilt 3 years ago


  • 1956 Buick
  • Original and in very good condition


  • Painted and in excellent condition
  • Body material: steel
  • No damage


Plenty of photos, books, and magazine articles featuring the vehicle.