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This 1932 Strupp Miller includes a Dreyer body and chassis, dayton wire wheels, and a 255ci Miller DOHC 4-cyl. engine (no. 4).  A period correct restoration was done in 1979.

The car has been recently operated and runs very well. See our videos of the Strupp below to see it in action.


This car was developed and campaigned by Gus Strupp, who formed and operated a racing team in the 1930’s. You can read a mini biography on Gus and the Miller Special here.

Harry Miller, who designed and developed this engine, built five 255ci engines shortly before going bankrupt.  When the court siezed his assets, they could account for engines 1, 2, 3, and 5, but no engine no.4.  Miller appropriated no.4 before the courts could take it, storing it in a friend’s basement.  Engine no.4 was the last 255 Miller built because no.5 was on his shop’s bench un-assembled.

There is a reference to this story in Mark Dee’s book, The Miller Dynasty.  There is also an article in The Bulb Horn, Oct.-Dec. 1994, recounting more of the car’s story during restoration.

Racing History:

The Strupp Miller special was the 1934 AAA Champion, and the car also won the Langhorn 100 three times.

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