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One of only 3 ever made, this sports racer the only one of its kind left in existence.

In 1966 it won the Riverside SCCA championship run-off race in its class in, easily defeating the Lola 23 and Elva Mk7 competition. The Bourgault also competed in the USRRC in 1965.

Its fully restored and is in excellent condition, and it has only two races on it since restoration.

Notable Racing History:

US Champions Riverside (GSR+HSR)

Pos.No.Driver / NationalityCarEntrantLapsTime/retiredPos.GroupPos.Practice
1.62Allan Lader (USA)Bourgeault260:45:02,9001.GSR
2.71Rich Erickson (USA)Lotus 23260:45:18,0002.GSR
3.11Gordon Heald (USA)Elva Mk VII260:45:33,0003.GSR
4.61John Stuhldreier (USA)Lotus 23260:46:05,0004.GSR
5.73Bill Molle (USA)Lotus 23250:45:42,0005.GSR
6.42Ralph Miller (USA)Zink Mk 3250:45:51,0006.GSR
7.711Dan Parkinson (USA)Dolphin America Abarth250:45:42,9001.HSR
8.611Lyle Forsgren (USA)Forsgren250:46:16,0002.HSR
9.111John Igleheart (USA)Bobsy250:46:17,0003.HSR
10.72Marion Whittington (USA)Lotus 23250:46:18,0007.GSR


  • Lotus Twin Cam
  • 2 Hours on motor
  • Rebuilt in 2011 by Tom Crowther Racing Engines


Hewland 5 speed


  • Aluminum double adjustable Koni shocks – new as of 2012
  • 2 hours on shocks
  • Rebuilt 2011-12

Fuel Cell:

Last replaced in 2012


  • Airheart
  • Rebuilt in 2012


  • Panasport
  • New as of 2012


  • Painted and in excellent condition
  • Body is fibgerglass
  • No damage to body
  • Bottom floor is in excellent condition, new piece was installed during restoration


Original wheels