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The V.A.Y. Special is a rare piece of Canadian racing history.

It was the Canada Class Champion in both 1958 and 1959 with Vic Yachuk, whom the car is named after (V.A.Y. are Vic’s initials). It is a ’one-of-one’ and was constructed by Vic in accordance with the rules of the Canada Class formula. The V.A.Y. is the only car that Vic built. The tube frame chassis was designed by Alan Slater. As rule changes occurred in the early 1960’s Vic moved onto other cars and the V.A.Y. was morphed into the Fabri Special, and then subsequently the BS&T Special raced by Canadian racers Gary Magwood and General Lew MacKenzie.

After many years, the V.A.Y was rediscovered and was lovingly restored by Mike Rosen (Toronto). Rosen raced the V.A.Y in Canada and the East Coast for over 14 seasons in the 1990’s until 2008. The car has been maintained in top condition and has raced in California since 2008 by the current owner, with a new engine being added in 2015.

This historic car is inexpensive, easy to maintain, and is eligible for prestigious events. It has raced with CSRG, HMSA, SOVREN, SVRA, and has raced in the Monterey Motorsports Reunion (formerly the Monterey Historics), Sonoma Historics, and the Coronado Speed Festival.

Vintage Racecar featured the V.A.Y. in their February 2010 edition.

All of the original logbooks (including current VSCCA and CASC logbooks, plus a filled up CASC logbook) come with the car, and the new owner will inherit the vehicles website: vayspecial.com.


  • Number: 1 of 1
  • Rebuild date: 1994 by Mike Rosen
  • Type: Tubeframe
  • Builder: Design – Slater; Builder – Yachuk
  • Material: Mild-steel


  • Type: BMC Series A
  • Rebuild date: March, 2015 by Seven Enterprises, Auburn, CA
  • Hours on motor: 12
  • Displacement: 1275cc
  • Induction: Single Weber DOEC Sidedraft 45mm
  • 12:1 Compression


  • Class: Canada Class, also A-H Mod, A-BSR, FJ
  • Weight: 900 lbs
  • Track: Laguna Seca


  • Make and model: BMC, MG, Rib Case, 4-spd
  • Shifter: Manual
  • Rebuild date:  2009, Sportscars, Ltd., Sacramento, CA


  • Shocks: Morris Minor
  • Last service date: 2015, Sportscars, Ltd.
  • Suspension rebuild date: 1994


  •  Fuel Safe
  • Date last replaced : 1994
  • Capacity: 6 gal
  • Fuel Pump: Electric
  • Fuel Type: Race Gas


  • Water Rad Location: Front
  • Water Pump: yes
  • Oil Cooler: yes
  • Oil Cooler Location: Front


  • Ignition: Standard
  • Alternator: no
  • Battery: 12v
  • Transponder


  • Make and model: MG, 10” Drums
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Rebuild date : June, 2014


  • Make: Panasport, 15”
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Tires: Hoosier Vintage TD, 5.00X15 (front and rear)


  •  Polished alloy and Painted
  • Paint condition: Good
  • Body Material: Alloy body, fiberglass nose and tail
  • No body damage, but some minor scratches


  • Fire System: Fire extinguisher in cockpit
  • Restraints: Crow 5 point Latch
  • Steering Wheel: Removable Austin Healey
  • Condition: Excellent



  • nose and tail body molds
  • original 918cc Morris Minor flathead engine block
  • gear box
  • rear axle
  • miscellaneous engine parts
  • Inheritance of the V.A.Y. Special website
  • V.A.Y. t-shirts and V.A.Y. hat.

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