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This 1959 Turner is a rare beauty that is suited for both vintage racing and street use. Chassis 30/142 originally raced on East Coast in the 1990’s, later being converted back to a street car (with the roll bar left in place). The street title and racing log books are included.

Chassis 30/142 is listed in the Turner registry.  This particular model was made for import to the US with it’s unique large rear fins. Approximately 160 cars were constructed and only 67 examples of this model are known to exist worldwide.

The car underwent a recent mechanical and safety check by Classic Sportscar Racing Group (CSRG) Chief Tech.


  • Number: 30/142
  • Original chassis tag present
  • No rust


  • Type: BMC Series A 948cc
  • Last rebuild date: 1990s by Comptune


  • Make and model: BMC 4-speed manual
  • Shifter type : manual


  • Front: Lever arm Shocks with coil spring
  • Rear: Torsion bar with tube shock
  • Front: sway bar and rear panhard bar


Original gas tank


  • Drums
  • Condition: Good


  • Make: BMC – Steel
  • Condition: Good


  • Painted (recent)
  • Paint condition: Very Good
  • Body Material: Fiberglass
  •  No damage to body


  • New header (never installed)

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