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This MK6 was Elva’s first  mid-engined car, and was the first mid engine model to be put into production. It is powered by a fully prepared Hutton  Coventry Climax 4-cyl engine, a Hewland gearbox, and inboard rear brakes (discs at all four wheels).


In late 1961 the factory supplied the car to Chris Ashmore,  and soon after it was raced for the first time on December 26th, 1961 at the Boxing Day event at Brands Hatch raceway. There, the MK 6 had it’s first class win and placed second overall right behind Graham Hill who was driving a Ferrari TR. The Elva and the Ferrari were tied for the fastest lap. The car also raced in British National series in 1962, as well as the Nurburgring 1000 KM in Germany on May 27th of the same year, where the MK 6 and it’s drivers, Chris Ashmore and Robin Carnegie, won their class. After Elva factory servicing ,the MK6 was sold by Chris Ashmore to Bunny Ribbs ( father of famous champion driver Willy T. Ribbs)  and moved to the United States in 1963 . Bunny Ribbs won the West Coast SCCA Championship with it in 1964. It was then sold to Siggy Geopner, who established a lap record for his class at the SCCA at Portland International Speedway. The car was restored by Burt Skidmore of Intrepid Cars, and was later driven by Don Stark at the 2001 Wine Country Classic at Sears Point. Then owned by Walter Fox who further refined and updated the restoration .  In 2014 was purchased by Kim Baker , Kim has spoken to Bunny Ribbs (Sept 2014) and helped retrieve the original set of wheels from the car. Bunny also confirmed the cars history,  as well as details of his championship season. The car is in the same specification as when Bunny first raced it.

View information and photos of the Elva during the 1962 Nurburgring 1000 KM here. (Note: original page is in German)


  • Chassis 60/01
  • Fully restored to the highest standards
  • Coventry Climax 4-cyl.
  • Hewland gearbox
  • inboard rear brakes (discs at all four wheels). 
  • GRP body,  paint and finish to highest standards
  • steel-tube space frame, excellent finish and condition, undercar floor pan is spotless
  • full independent rear suspension with coil springs and shocks with adjustable sway bar.
  • Front suspension is by double a-arms, coil springs and shocks with adjustable sway bar.

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Historical Photos:

Chassis: The photo of the undressed chassis is from the Elva’s restoration

Racing Photos:

  • Elva at the Nurburgring 1000 KM in Germany (first in class) on May 27th of 1962
  • Brands Hatch Boxing Day event on Dec 26, 1962. The Elva was first in class and second overall to Graham Hill’s Liter Ferrari . The little Elva was right behind , they were tied for the fastest lap. Chris Ashmore’s Elva leading through the corners and the Ferrari passing on the straights.

Advertisement: Photo is of the Elva’s original advertisement in Autosport Magazine, January 12 1962. 

Magazine: The Elva made the cover of the February 1962 edition of Motor Sport Magazine, and has a photo included in an article within it. This was again from the Brands Hatch Boxing Day event.

Last 4 photos from Road and Track, February 1962: Original photos of the chassis, photo of the Elva with company owner and Elva designer.