1968 Penske Eagle Indy Car, Driven by Mark Donohue

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Vehicle is located in Florida

Offered at $369,000

Prestigious addition to any car collection 


1968: Roger Penske purchased this Eagle from Dan Gurney’s All American Racers, Inc. for Mark Donohue to compete is USAC events

This Eagle was Roger Penske’s first USAC Indianapolis race car and the first Indy type car that Mark Donohue drove  

6/15/68: First race for the car and Donohue’s first USAC race. Entrant was Pen-Cam Racing Ltd. Car #12. Engine was a Traco Chevy, which ran on gasoline. Donohue took 4th place.

The second race for this car came at Riverside Raceway, the Second Rex Mays 300. Donohue DNF while dicing for the lead with Dan Gurney. Traco built a 320 cu. in. Chevy which ran on alcohol.

The third, and final time, Mark Donohue drove this vehicle was at a test session in Indianapolis for Goodyear Tire and Rubber

The car was then sold to Wineburger Homes for Ron Bucknum

1969: Richard Oeffinger, representing Sid Weinberger, purchased the car from Roger Penske for $17,000 at Penske’s shop in Pennsylvania. The car was repainted white and orange as carried number 45. The Chevrolet motor was replaced with an Offenhauser Motor.

Ron Bucknum qualified approximately 16th and DNF’d with a burned piston finishing approximately 26th at the Indianapolis 500.

The Chevrolet motor was re-installed and the was entered in Phoenix however it didn’t qualify

Ron Bucknam’s Third, and final, race was at Riverside where he DNF because a hose clamp came off and burned a piston after running as high as 4th.

1970-1973: The Eagle was sold to Arnie Knepper who campaigned the car as orange and white in 1971, and gold and white in 1972. Both years the Eagle carried number 90 as Arnie ran in most of the USAC races including Indianapolis

1974-1975:Arnie knepper sold the car to Precision Racing, Inc. (LaWarre family). The vehicle was later raced by Larry Rice in 1974 and John Hubbard for the balance of 1974 and 1975

1975-1999: The Eagle was stored at the LaWarre Shop

1999-2005: Restored as originnaly raced by Mark Donahue at Riverside in 1968

2005: Award recipient at at Amelia Island Concourse


Exhaust headers have recently been refinished in the original shade of yellow