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This Nissan was originally built in 1980 as a 2 liter BS for SCCA racing by Getches and Reynolds in Oklahoma. The car was purchased by Frank Carney, who had Don Preston Racing convert it for IMSA GTU racing.

The car was raced in several configurations, including a 2.3 liter twin cam 4 valve set up probably using the Japanese aftermarket head by OS Giken. That configuration was not competitive which led to the L 18 turbocharged configuration which was very competitive. The car required a NASCAR size Halibrand quick change and a custom Hewland geared direct drive 5 speed fitted into a Nissan 5 speed casing to handle the horespower. The chassis was a tub with front tube and rear tube configuration to meet the early GTU regulations. At the first race it was discovered that the current rules had been changed and now allowed full tube configuration with unequal A arm front suspension including moving the engine back in the chassis were the first plug lined up with the front axle centerline.

The car was raced for 3 seasons and had 2 second place finishes (including second in the 1985 Road Atlanta) and was very competitive in GTU, even without the many advantageous modifications outlined above. The car’s last career race was at Watkins Glenn.

It was sold to a new owner in 1989 and raced in SCCA as a GT3 until 2000. The front end was modified from Macpherson struts to an unequal A arm configuration by EJ Trivette and the chassis was completely tubed, thus removing the stock unibody floor and firewall. A cross brace was added (per SSCA rules) behind the driver.

The original turbo engines became available in 2001 and were acquired for this car, which had be modified to accommodate the turbocharger. The front end was reconfigured and custom 321 stainless headers were fabricated. The car was completely modified to accommodate the turbo configuration including rerouting the exhaust, adding instrumentation, moving the engine further back to IMSA rules, new firewall, new motor/transmission mounts, added the driveshaft driven alternator, moved the dry sump tank closer to the engine, relocation of the battery, new pedal location, etc.

It is currently in period-correct configuration, completed by The Race Car Factory in Stuart Florida

The car was raced in HSR from 2006 to 2015. The car was also raced in SVRA in 2014-2016, including the June 2016 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. HSR/SVRA Logbook 06-151.

SCCA and HSR/SVRA logbooks are included with the vehicle.


  • Class: Group SVRA GROUP 10, CLASS GT3, HSR GROUP 9, CLASS 6
  • Weight: 2100 lbs


  • Engine Builder: Don Preston Racing Wichita, KS
  • Manufacturer: Nissan/Datsun
  • Type: 4 cylinder
  • Displacement: 1770 cc
  • Horsepower: 350+@ the rear wheels
  • Torque: ~220 ft-lbs
  • Heads: Late NISMO FIA
  • Block: Cast iron
  • Main Caps: Stock
  • Crankshaft :NISMO 6 bolt racing
  • Connecting Rods: Cosworth
  • Pistons: Venolia
  • Camshaft: Electramotive L-3
  • Valves: Ferrara
  • Valve Springs: Electramotive endurance with spares
  • Clutch: Tilton 7 ½ INCH
  • Pressure Plate: Aluminum
  • Flywheel: Custom Tilton steel
  • Exhaust: 2-2 into one, each into a bifurcated turbo inlet
  • Total Time: 2 hours since refresh
  • Races: 2 since complete refresh including the engine, dry sump pump, Turbonetics turbocharger, front shocks, new clutch discs, etc.
  • Dailey dry sump pump- rebuilt 2016
  • OPCON oil to water cooler
  • Turbonetics turbocharger bifurcated turbine inlet matched to headers
  • Custom intake manifold
  • Heat shields custom stainless steel
  • Front engine plate for all accessory mounting
  • Adjustable cam sprocket
  • NISMO cam spray bar
  • ARE cast aluminum oil pan

Fuel System

  • Fuel Pump: Bosch Kugelfischer boost compensated timed mechanical fuel injection
  • Bosch 255 LPH in tank forwarding pump in the ATL black box

Fuel Cell

  • Manufacturer:ATL
  • Age:10 years
  • New foam June 2016
  • Capacity:15 gal
  • Steel Box
  • Fuel Type: Race

Electrical System

  • Ignition: Electromotive HPX
  • Driveshaft driven alternator
  • Gear reduction starter
  • Red Top Optima battery 


  • Transponder
  • Innovate LM-1 with data memory
  • Innovate LM-3 Multi Sensor Auxiliary Input Device
  • Tach (Autometer), oil pressure and temperature (SW), water temperature (SW) and pressure light, fuel pressure (SW), ignition timing (voltmeter), boost (SW), EGT’s (WESTAC) on two cylinders.


  • Manufacturer: Jerico
  • Type:WC4
  • Gears: Straight cut competition ultra close ratio
  • Shifter: Hurst
  • Electric oil cooler pump and cooler
  • Gearbox should be sent to Jerico for their standard inspection because the front seal is leaking: Cost is $250 includes complete teardown and assembly, inspection and magnifluxing with all new seals.

Rear End

  • Differential: Speedway Engineering Super Max
  • Speedway Engineering oil cooler pump
  • Gun drilled axels
  • Oil cooler
  • Variloc limited slip


  • Construction: Steel roof, firewall, partial floor; Fiberglass: hood, fenders, bumpers, doors, deck lid and rear spoiler.
  • Color: White
  • Paint: Enamel with blue and orange stripes and black accents
  • Condition: Good with dings and scratches
  • Some fiberglass cracks and paint blemishes


  • Type: Tube
  • Builder: Preston, EJ Trivette and Race Car Factory
  • Finish: White enamel
  • Condition: Excellent well sorted
  • Front Suspension: Preston aluminum uprights and lower control arms, Trivette unequal A arm geometry with all spherical bearings-new 2016
  • Rear Suspension: Preston four link with lower wishbone all rod ends and spherical bearings
  • Shocks: Koni front double adjustable; rebuilt 2016, rear are Bilstein tested in 2013
  • Steering: Sweet Engineering rack and pinion
  • Wheels: 10X16 front and 12X16 rear Duralites
  • Tires: Bias-front Goodyear new June 2016 and rear are Hoosier bias new 2015
  • Six point mild steel cage with a cross brace behind the driver
  • Camera mount


  • Front are 4 piston AP 1.875-1.75 staggered piston
  • Rear are 1 ¾ JFZ with new pistons
  • All rebuilt 2015
  • Tilton pedals with balance adjustment
  • Tilton balance adjuster pressure regulator
  • Custom 3 inch aluminum rotor cooling ducting to the rotor center
  • All stainless steel brake lines 


  • Color/Finish: Steel Gray Rustoleum Hammered and aluminum panels
  • Fire System: 5 LB piped to fuel cell, front mechanical fuel pump area and by the driver remote activated from the driver’s seat
  • Dixieanne aluminum seat
  • Restraints: 5 point new belts 10/2015
  • Steering Wheel: 3 spoke racing
  • Condition: Good


  • Long block with new block needs pistons, rings and bearings for assembly.
  • 3 good spare blocks
  • Two LA cylinders sleeves
  • 1 spare stock crank race prepped
  • Late FIA head- needs R&R before use on the spare block
  • Gear set for the rear end
  • Cams- several Electamotive, Competition, etc., including stock cores
  • Original Gotti wheels that need new centers
  • Some bearings, rings, gaskets, seals, etc.
  • Molds for all fiberglass body parts except the deck lid which has a full spare
  • Intake plenums
  • Lower control arm jig
  • Upper control arm bearing mount (new) with new spherical bearing
  • Alternate rear end housing
  • Original huge inner cooler 12X12X14 inches
  • Original huge IHI turbo RHB8, VC31, RHB8 017087 new in shipping box
  • Bosch Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection pump overhauled in 2016
  • Special tools like Nissan valve spring compressor, custom adjustors, etc.
  • Cog pulleys
  • Gear reduction starter rebuilt 2016
  • Belts
  • Tires on 2 spare Duralite wheels
  • Many original parts from the initial chassis build as raced in IMSA series
  • Original Electramotive modified boost compensating custom 7AL ignition box
  • Spherical bearings
  • Rod ends
  • AP/Lockeed 4 piston CP 2260 solid bridge calipers (2) with 1 ½ inch pistons
  • Modified Tilton steel pedal assembly
  • Front door
  • Spoiler
  • Rear deck lid with plexiglass
  • Stainless steel headers
  • Water pump
  • More miscellaneous spares