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Car is pristine and ready to race! The car was fully prepared by Wayne Taylor Racing in 2010.

  • Installed a fresh motor
  • Inspected all wiring looms
  • Installed Bosch ECU and wiring looms
  • Sent gearbox to Xtrac to be fully checked
  • Crack checked gears
  • Sonic clean oil coolers, radiators, gearbox cooler
  • Crack checked, suspension studs, chassis studs, all suspension, gears, steering rack, exhaust system with USAC inspection report
  • Rebuilt fuel cell and inspect bag
  • Dyno tested dampers ( shock absorbers)
  • Inspected KYB gears
  • Installed new set of Michelin tires on car
  • Installed new set of Michelin tires on spare wheels
  • Pressure test Megaline and fuel system
  • Changed all fluids
Full race prep, alignment and set up
Track test, driven by Wayne Taylor


Complete body with undercar splitter
Complete engine assembly with turbos, waste gates, and wiring , with custom stand, lifting hardware and custom air freight box. ( Ilmor engine prepared by Mclaren Engines)
  • Complete gearbox assembly (rear of car assembly) with axles ,uprights , exhaust caliper.
  • Complete suspension, control arms, uprights etc.
Complete steering rack and KYB control unit
  • Carbon rotors and carbon brake pads.
  • Carbon clutch assembly and flywheel gear
  • Complete Exhaust system
  • All shims , alignment spacers, selection of anti roll bars etc.
  • Spare electronic dash
  • megaline spares,
  • starter
  • alternator
  • wiring looms
  • Spare hydraulic cylinders and lightweight hydraulic lines.
  • Custom car cover and wing cover
  • Spare original decals and graphics


Laptop computer programmed with software and records.
  • All cables and software discs.
  • Paper records documents, wiring diagrams, hydraulic line prints, and manuals.
  • Cadillac Team hats, shirts, banners
  • Video of Wayne Taylor test drive


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