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Vehicle is located in Wisconsin


This B27 was imported by Opert racing for Jeane Pierre Jaussaud. After it’s racing term with Jaussaud, it was then bought by Frank Scott of Racine, WI, who owned the B27 until he sold it to Carol Hass’s shop in Lincolnshire IL where Cliff Eban bought it. He ran the Chevron in 1984 and 1985, storing it for 7 years afterwards. In the early 1990’s Alan Lewis bought the B27. Lewis had the B27 completely rebuilt and restored by Dennis Eads shop in Zenda, WI.  The latest owner purchased the B27 in 1999, and has been driven twice a year since 2010.

Professionally maintained and stored at a notable prep shop.

It is the most original Chevron B27.  


  • Iron block Cosworth BDA engine (built by Steve Jennings), 3 bolt exhaust ports
  • 8 hrs on motor
  • 2 hrs on gearbox, rebuilt by Comprep.
  • Double adjustable Olin shocks
  • Chevron center locking hubs


  • 74-02.
  • Tub condition: very good, never wrecked. Recently re-riveted as needed.


  • 1 nose

Available Spare Chassis:

Complete, minus engine, gearbox, and wing. Tub is excellent.

The chassis is disassembled and is great for spare parts or to use in building another car.