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Vehicle is located in New York

Selling for $79,000



  • Number: C9S-66-61

  • Only 9 hours use since new



  • Type: Lotus 1600 Twin Cam

  • Built by Ted Wentz (Savannah Race Engineering) in 2008

  • Less than 4 hours on motor



  • Make and Model: Hewland Mk8 with MK 5 internals

  • Shifter Type: Standard with annular throw out bearing

  • Has less than 9 hours of use since new



  • Type of shocks: AVO

  • Less than 9 hours on suspension


Fuel Cell

  • Fuel Safe Cell 


  • Make and Model: AR3 Girling single piston front and rear

  • is in excellent condition with less than 9 hours from new on chassis



  • Compomotive minilite

  • Front 13/8

  • Rear 13/10



  • Gelcoat with tape stripes

  • The paint is in excellent condition

  • The body is fiberglass in both the front and rear with alloy sidepods



  • Quick lift formula car jack

  • Clutch pedal

  • Double brake pedal with bulkhead support and mounting hardware (for left foot braking)

  • Rear upright complete with bearing and companiuon flange

  • Steering arms ( L&R )

  • Top front wishbone

  • Lower front wishbone

  • One windscreen and 2 side screens

  • Headlamp covers

  • Alloy rubbing blocks

  • Driveshaft and driveshaft CV units

  • Driveshaft nuts

  • 4 front brake discs

  • Throttle cable

  • Twincam exhaust ( complete anf now fitted….Zetec exhaust complete that I took foo When I switched to twin cam

  • Air box for twin cam, fuel pump for twin cam,oil and water lines and connections for TC and all corresponding plumbing Ifor Zetec that I REMOVED WHEN FITTING TC Wheel nuts

  • Upper clevis bolts, lower clevis bolts

  • Transverse link, joint plus lock nuts

  • Upper gearbox bolt with gearbox mounting spacers

  • Upper trailing link, lower trailing link, corresponding rose joints with lock nuts complete Body nose section

  • Complete body rear section

  • Headlights and another set of headlight covers

  • Front subframe floor panel with 5/32 monel rivits

  • R&L rear mudguard liners with the rear mudguard mounting crossbar

  • Rear complete subframe

  • Radiator duct

  • Rear mesh panels

  • Spare set of light weight wheels ( receipt for $1200 ) with mounted rain tire

  • New set of rear Avon tires with historic tread pattern

  • Seven extra Hewland gearsets 13/27, 15/27, 16/26, 20/26, 19/24, 18/22, 25/26 


Racing and Ownership History

  • Period SVRA and SCCA ( no races in SCCA log book ) log books and SCCA homologation certificate

  • Arnie Black, ex Crossle factory driver in the 60s and 70s and ex Crossle factory owner did come to the US to race the car in the SVRA Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix.He entered the one hour Enduro and won the race by half a lap. He outpaced all of the Lotus 23s and the 2 liter BMW powered Ginetta sports racer that was the previous SVRA season Enduro champion. That car was the SVRA Enduro champion for that year as well.