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Devin SS-K DSR5-901
Due to a lack of factory paperwork, the production numbers for the SS (as a turn key car or as a kit) have never been firmly established. However, according to Devin historian and SS owner Harold Pace, in a conversation he had with Bill Devin shortly before his death in 2000, he gathered that a supposed 23 chassis were built, but only 18 chassis numbers were issued.

A second prototype was built to publicize the new SS, and another 12 cars were built with the Irish chassis shortly after. But due to supply problems in 1959, Devin decided to make the chassis in California, and only three cars were built to completion. In addition to the three completed cars, three specials were built using the SS frame (but not the body), and four SS kits were sold without the chassis.

In late 1959, John Kirkwood purchased one of those four kits and built the DSR5-901.

Not satisfied with the fiberglass styling, Kirkwood, an aluminum specialist, decided to build a slightly wider, better proportioned aluminum alloy body in the Superleggara style (such as that used by Ferrari).

He added independent suspension all around, created the cars unique alloy fuel tank, included Airheart disc brakes, and fitted the car with a bored and stroked 283ci Chevrolet V8.

The car was completed in mid 1961 and was then raced in SCCA West Coast club events.

The DSR5-901 was sold to a Bakersfield dealer in 1965, who converted the car for street use, replacing the engine with a 327ci unit. Then, close to a decade later in 1972, the car was purchased by a collector in Simi Valley, California.
In the mid 1970s, the car is believed to have been owned by a Devin enthusiast in the Mid West, before BB Exports purchased it in 1990.

The Devin was stored in a warehouse in North Hollywood, and after resurfacing, underwent a complete ground-up restoration by a prominent LA car collector. The restoration was completed in 2010.

The car was raced on Phillip Island in Australia in 2011 during the Australian GP supporting vintage races. It has since raced at Willow Springs, the California Speedway and the Monterey Historics at Laguna Seca.

In 2013, Kim Baker purchased the Devin.