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                                             Diasio D962R Turbo Specifications

                                              Chassis # 02

                                               Weight            1350 lb, dry

                                                Width                 72 inches

                                                Wheelbase       88 inches

                                                Length             161 inches



                Custom-built Mazda twin-rotor 93REW. fuel-injected race, balanced and blue-printed.  All critical parts cryo-treated.  Hardened seals, custom oil-injection system, Microtech ECU, Garrett GT35R ball-bearing turbo, Turbosmart wastegate and blowoff valve, Greddy boost controller with two-stage RF control button on the steering wheel. 



            Boost controller off:  250 RWHP

            Boost controller on low:  300 RWHP

            Boost controller on high:  350 RWHP

            Max torque:  258 lbs/ft at 350 RWHP


            3-piece fiberglass

            Painted with Allgrip base and hard clearcoat



            1.5 inch x .065 inch mild steel

            Substantial foot and side protection

            1.5 inch x .120 DOM mild steel roll hoop with dual halo construction

            Finish:  metallic silver with clearcoat



            Willwood six-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in rear

            Performance friction 11.75 inch vaned rotors

            Willwood A pads

            LED tail-lights

            Willwood cockpit-mounted brake bias dial

            SPA digital brake bias gauge



            Kodiak three-piece aluminum centerlock with new wheel centers

            Front:  23-inch x 9.5-inch x 15-inch

            Rear:  23.5-inch x 13-inch x 15-inch



            Schroth endurance 5-point driver harness

            Ultrashield 5-point passenger harness

Fuel Cell

            2012 14-gallon FIA spec cell

            Adjustable low-fuel level indicator



            AIM MXL Pista

            LCU 1 wideband 02 sensor

            AIM GPS


Driver’s Seat:  15.5-inch Ultrashield with seat cover


Dry sump:  3-stage Aviaid pump with reserve tank located in transaxle


Gearbox:    Hewland FTR 200 six-speed sequential with reverse


Clutch:     5.5 inch twinplate quartermaster


Steering Rack:  Woodward precision manual R&P


Shocks:   Penske triple-adjustable



            Diasio User Manual

            Hewland Gearbox Manual

            AIM Dash Users Manual and interface cord

            Greddy Boost Controller Manual

            AIM Lambda Configuration Disc

            AIM GPS Manual

            AIM 2.30.04 and 2.30.11 software discs

            Microtech ECU Manual, interface cord, and Dongle (memory)

            Spa Digital Brake Bias Gage Installation Manual

            Microtech software disc


Additional equipment

            Ceramic-coated headers and muffler

            Exhaust system fully heat-shielded

            Dry breaks for clutch and rear brakes

            Front wheel arch louvers

            Custom cooling system with 2 oversize radiators and oversize oil cooler, all in the rear of                           the car

            New coolant fill-pot with self-bleeding feature

            Reinforced rear transaxle support member

            Reinforced lower control arms

            Custom front engine support arm

            Battery tender hookup

            Custom dead pedal and heel plate

            Front wheel replaceable ABS flares

            Lexan windshield and side windows

            300M (300,000 psi) half-shafts with GKN tripod joints

            Improved aerodynamics including new front splitter with endplates, cooling duct covers,                          rear-quarter body-blend panels, rear diffuser, and Rutan-inspired low-drag double-                   element wing with stiffened wing-mount structure

            Custom cockpit stainless air intake filter screen


Spares, new

            Body parts:


                        Rear body

                        Left and right rear quarters


                        Engine cover

            2 performance friction rotors

            Ultrashield size 15 driver’s seat and cover

            Rear swaybar

            10-micron fuel filter

            Oil-pump drive belt

            Bag of DZUS fasteners

            One-axle Willwood A pads, rear

            One-axle Willwood A pads, front

            Rear brake cooling ducts

            7 waste gate springs

            4 spare wheel safety pins

            6 rear outer tripod inserts

            Lower upright stud

            Transaxle reservoir cover O-ring

            4 wheel nuts

            2 quarts Swepco Moly transaxle lube

            2 oil filters

            4 GKN tripod joints

            3 pairs splitter end fences with UHMW rub strips

            Assorted wheel flares

            Numerous camber shims

Spares, used

            Extended shift lever

            4 mounted Hoosier slicks (8 heat cycles)

            4 mounted Avon slicks (8 heat cycles)

            Rear aluminum jacking accessory