Lola B10/90 (Mountune Powered)

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  • Monocoque constructed of aluminium/honeycomb composite panels
  • Impact-absorbing nosebox and rollover hoop to FIA crash impact standards
  • ATL 45-litre FIA FT3-specification bladder-type fuel cell with internal pumps
  •  Flush-fitting external fuel filler cap
  •  Quick-lift rear jack point



  • 6-piece bodywork in glass fibre composite
  • Separate front splitter/diffuser
  • Full-width windscreen
  •  Single-element rear wing adjustable for angle
  •  Twin tail/brake lights



  • Carbon fibre dash panel with digital instrument display including shift lights
  •  Rack-and-pinion steering with quick-release steering wheel mounting
  •  Pedals and collapsible steering column adjustable for driver safety and comfort
  •  Lifeline Zero 2000 fire extinguisher system
  •  6-point seatbelt safety harness

Electrical System

  • Chassis and engine wiring looms included
  • On-board alternator and starter motor
  •  12-volt high-power on-board battery for engine starts plus jump battery/recharger plug 5
  • The production Lola B10/90 features an LMP-style nose, larger mirrors, fullwidth windscreen, reprofiled tail, and raised rear wing


  •  Steel-fabricated double wishbones all round
  • Wishbones designed to fail at bearing attachment in accident to prevent tub damage
  • Pushrod/rocker activation of inboard coil spring/monotube damper units all round
  • Simple anti-roll bar adjustment mechanism with easy access for bar changes
  • Ride height, camber, and toe settings adjustable for each wheel
  • Lightweight cast LM25 aluminium uprights front and rear Brakes
  • AP Racing 270 mm diameter ventilated steel brake discs with 4-piston aluminium calipers


Wheels and Tires

  •  6” wide x 13” front and 8” wide x 13” rear lightweight aluminium centre-locking wheels
  • Yokohama or Avon slick and wet radial tyres 160/515R13 front and 200/550R13 rear


  • Mountune-prepared Ford Duratec 2-litre inline-4 engine producing 205 bhp
  • Sidepod-mounted radiator with thermostat for automatic temperature control
  • High-efficiency radiator ducting
  • Dry sump oil system with oil/water intercooler
  • Electric fuel pump and line filter
  • 87dB exhaust silencer


  • Hewland JFR 5-speed manual sequential-shift longitudinal gearbox
  • AP Racing single-plate cerametallic clutch
  • Cast aluminium bellhousing with integral oil tank 7


  • Single radiator with optional second radiator kit.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system
  • Hewland JFR 5 speed sequential
  • Limited slip differential
  •  Geartronics Paddle-activated semi-automatic gear shift with gear position indicator
  • Two-way adjustable Koni dampers


  • Rear indicator lights
  • 7.0/20X13 front – 8.0/22X13 rear (Avon)


  • ETB Instruments dash mounted display
  • Dash-mounted lap timer
  • Gear position indicator
  • Tillett carbon shell seat with belts
  • Passenger grab handles

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