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LOLA T298 Sportsracer, Powered by Brian Hart 420R, fresh Dave Vegher Rebuild.

Includes extra full set of wheels, misc small spares.  Also has the complete spare body that was taken off before the latest restoration, it is light and very good condition. The new one is very lightweight.

 Dave Vegher rebuilt the motor.

Highest level of restoration and preparation, new body, seat, hardware, gauges,  latches, hinges,  wiring , plumbing , cell.

top quality paint and finishes

Uprights and calipers rebuilt, new master cylinders, gearbox fully inspected,

   HU95 was invoiced to Carl Haas (as Lola’s North American agent) on 26 April 1979, it had white bodywork and no engine. Was always in North America after that. Raced SCCA then vintage