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This Elan was originally was built by Dave Rollo of Canada, who has been racing Elans since the 1960’s. The car was built to 26R (race) specifications (with the exception of the body shell). There has only been one weekend on the Lotus, which occurred at Mosport with Dave Rollo himself behind the wheel.

All that is needed for the car is the installation of the seat, dash top, windshield, battery, roll bar padding, adjust pedals, fab and install a small shift lever cover. The Elan needs an oil press gauge.

A very thorough receipt file and VARAC and RMVR logbooks are included.


  • 1600cc Lotus Vegantune Twin Cam
  • 170 HP
  • Only one hour of test time (plus dyno) on motor
  • Rear mounted aluminum dry sump tank
  • 45DCOE Weber carbs


  • Quaiffe close ratio dog box
  • Quaiffe limited slip differential (3.9 ratio)
  • 4 races on gearbox


Brand new galvanized chassis with tied in roll bar structure

Suspension and Driveshaft:

  • Front and rear suspensions are full 26R specification
  • Adjustable upper arms (F)
  • Adjustable shocks and spring perches
  • 26R front brakes
  • Rear sway bar
  • Competition springs
  • CV joint conversions
  • Hardened output shafts
  • PanaSport alloy wheels


  • Fuel cell with aluminum case
  • Electric fuel pump with large Fram racing fuel filter
  • All steel braided lines
  • Electronic ignition



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