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This is the fastest and most highly developed March S2000 in existence.

Original SCCA log book and SVRA Vintage Log Book as well as the SCCA homologation certificate are included. The car also comes with set up notes and data sheets.


  • Legal high HP motor
  • Jim Orell Cylinder Head
  • Legal Lightweight flywheel
  • Legal, updated FC cam
  • Legal Forged Pistons
  • Legal Forged Connecting Rods
  • Lightweight oil lines
  • Cast aluminum alloy oil pan
  • 8 hours on motor , top end  rebuild  has only 1 1/2 hour


  • Hewland MK gearbox
  • Lightweight alloy differential
  • Full rebuild /  8 hours


  • Number :83S-7
  • 1120 pounds
  • Lightweight CV joints
  • Chassis stiffening by Pat Prince:
    • Improved and engine bay tubing added
    • Engine and tied into rear additional pick up points on rear bulkhead by Pat Prince
    • Tub is in excellent condition with no damage to the floor
  • Cast aluminum dry sump pan tied into chassis
  • Honeycomb aluminum cockpit center divide
  • External battery plug
  • Alloy pedals
  • Adjustable tubular front and rear anti-roll bars
  • High efficiency front and rear brake ducts
  • LED rain light


  • Aluminum radiator , improved cooling
  • Mocal Oil/water heat exchanger

Fuel Cell:

New fuel cell foam


  • Lightweight Kevlar Body, never has been painted or damaged.
  • Extremely light weight, excellent condition

Suspension & Other:

  • Aluminum double adjustable Konis dampers
  • Magnesium uprights front and rear
  • Cockpit intrusion bars
  • Electric fire system in date
  • New lightweight battery 2015
  • External jumper plug
  • Magnesium center lock wheels

Included Spares:

  • Complete body molds.
  • Nose Mold
  • Splitter mold
  • Left side pod mold
  • Right side pod mold
  • Tail Mold,  High downforce
  • Tail Mold \Low Drag/ medium downforce , as on car
  •  1-New Kevlar Nose
  •  1-used Kevlar nose with minor cracks
  •  1- new Kevlar tail like on car
  •  1- new Kevlar LH side pod
  •  1- new Kevlar  RH side pod
  •   2- New Kevlar Splitters
  •   1- front rotor
  •  1-rear rotor
  •  1- set front pads
  •  1-Set rear pads   1-new radiator
  •  1-starter
  • 1-Fuel pump
  • 1-Rocker
  •  1-tensioner
  •  1-Radiator cap
  • 1-ign coil
  •  4-coil springs
  • 1-wheel bearing with housing
  • suspension links (see photos)
  • 1-Set of 4 March wheels


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