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Vixen History

This car is a Vixen/Tuscan bodied 2500 fitted to an ‘M’ series chassis (1 of only 96 created). The ‘M’ Series chassis (a much superior design) was introduced with chassis number 2240TM in April, 1972 and was used for all subsequent cars. Because of the need to maintain sales while developing and introducing the new body style, TVR still offered the Vixen series of cars fitted with either the Ford 1600cc or Triumph 2500cc engines, but never actually changed any model designations.

Most people refer to the 1600cc version as a Vixen S4, but for some reason the Triumph engined cars remained just as a 2500, distinguishing it from the M Series bodied cars as 2500M. The overwhelming majority of 2500 and 2500M cars went to the USA.

This is deemed the best Vixen type car as it is significantly lighter than a 2500M.

Date of manufacture: June 1972

Chassis and Motor

  • M-Chassis, #2309T
  • Matching numbers for chassis and motor
  • Fiberglass is all in excellent condition , no sign of previous damage or repair
  • Interior is all original in good condition
  • SU carburetors.
  • Electric Fuel pump.
  • Koni Shock Absorbers.
  • New Battery.
  • Fiamm Air Horns (original horns included).
  • Hella H4 headlamps.
  • Gear Reduction Starter.
  • All windows are original glass and are in excellent condition.¬†

Wheels and Brakes

  • Front pads and rotors 90% full thickness.
  • Rear Brakes¬† 90% full thickness
  • Recent Front balljoints, tie rods, and wheel bearings.
  • Tires 90% full tread depth.

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