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Van Diemen RF 03 S2

Chassis #2218

car built and first raced in 2006

Has every update, upgrade and trick

top Quicksilver motor, one race on head and new spec cam

Full Taylor prep to Hewland LD200 Gearbox

Ohlins Triple Adjustable shocks

OZ wheels on car

Spare set of OZ wheels and other spares Spare alternate front sway bar

Large driver cockpit

Current driver is 6’2″ tall

optional warm weather dual radiator package as well as standard

single radiator package All Aluminum Honeycomb Tub Carbon fiber engine undertray

Carbon fiber diffuser Carbon fiber fences and rear dive planes

New high downforce rear “ramp” Stainless Muffled exhaust and interchangable straight exhaust

Hi Tech Stainless header

All of the latest Eric Purcell EFM updates

Wide track , and latest suspension geometry

All latest bodywork

Latest front sway bar

  Rear shock girdle

Carbon Fiber sidepod floors

True aero carbon fiber difuser

Carbon fiber engine undertray

front diffuser built into underneath of nose

Aero can be tuned by running with or without diffuser and

undertray and with or without high downforce rear ramp, as shown In photos-

Full CDS instrument panel and data system

With all engine functions

steering angle

g force

suspension travel throttle postion


lap times

Much more

I have had every type of S2 and consider this one the best

 We can assist with shipping in or out of the country for the best price

For Info call Kim Baker 413-329-0214

Will Consider trades